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Dancing though Life
Yes, I'm still alive everyone, just been very busy with work and life. I'm on my way to rehearsals right now, so I'll let you all know what's going on when I get back!
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It's late, but I just had to write this. Right now I'm at Yuu's house, watching him sleep and thinking how incredibly lucky I am. He could have anyone he wants, but in the end he chose me. Why, I still really can't figure out. I'm always sometimes selfish, can be mean spirited... but I guess in truth, I think I'm afriad of losing my special someone, the person that regardless of how he feels, he always does everything he can to put a smile on my face. For that, I'm grateful that he chose me, because I'm happier than I've been in a long time, and it's all because of Shirota Yuu. Thank you, for making my days happy, my heart bright, and for just being with me.
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Today was a very exausting day. Rehearsals seemed to just drag on forever. Usually I love being there, but I think the heat was finally getting to me. When I got home around 4pm, I laid down for a nap and didn't wake up until 11! Now I'm wide awake, but still kinda sleepy and my Yuu-Yuu isn't on ;_; It's weird, when we weren't together, I could go all day without really being lonely, but now that we all, he's all I think about. =^_^= Love is such a happy thing! Later when after I get something to eat, I'll write about how my rehearsals are going!

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It's happened. I didn't think it would in this lifetime, but maybe I knew and just didn't want to admit it. Should I say it, or keep it inside me?


I LOVE SHIROTA YUU! I do I do I do! I've never felt so giddy before, so happy and free! I should have admitted to this so long ago, but I think in the end, I was afraid that my feelings wouldn't be returned, or he was just playing with me. ^__^ I really do believe in happy endings now I think.

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OHHHHH! Has anyone ever noticed how frustrating Shirota Yuu is?! I mean, how can someone be as flirtacious as he is?! He full of himself, stuck up... ugh, I'm even talking about him when I shouldn't! Why do I like him like I do?!

(sighs) I wasted my lunch writing this... maybe Minami-kun has something to eat left....
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So finally my first post. I have to say, this writing in English is a bit new to me, but I'm going to try hard and become really good at it so I'll be able to answer questions that all my english-speaking fans have for me!

Today was really exhausting for me. I'm working hard with my new cast mates on the new Tenimyu. It's strange, not having everyone with me. I mean, I know I have Katou-san and the rest of the Hyotei cast from before, so it's not as hard, but it's sometime sad not being able to joke with Konnii or laugh with Adacchin or even chase Shirotan around with my hair straighter (^^;;) But I'm not saying the new cast isn't great too! Minami-kun is working very hard at being Tezuka, not wanting to disappoint the fans that have become accustom to Shirota and Takigawa-san, and Douri-chan is proving to be a great Echizen, giving it his all even in rehearsals. I'm looking forward to opening night, so everyone can see what a great cast there is. =^^=
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